AI Identifies Six Story Arcs

According to an AI developed by a team of university researchers, there are only six main types of stories:

  1. Rags to Richeslead_960
  2. Riches to Rags
  3. Man in a Hole
  4. Icarus
  5. Cinderella
  6. Oedipus

It was none other than that master of dark humor, Kurt Vonnegut, who made the claim that computers should be able to parse stories via their “simple shapes.” Recently, a team at the University of Vermont and the University of Adelaide set out to prove him right.

While other AI developers are hard at work teaching AI networks to write, this team seems to be teaching them to read. It’s like your college Lit classes, only in binary.

Read more in this article from the Atlantic. The article even links to a video of Vonnegut explaining his ideas about story shapes.

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