About Us

Two Ponies Press is a small independent publisher of creative content that seeks connections between the arts and meaningful living. At present we are primarily focused on audio documents: podcasts, interview seria, and oral history projects that record artists’ stories and more.

In our own lives, we turn to the creative arts as a way to know ourselves, to engage more fully with the world, and to hand-make our own sense of personal meaning. We feel good about sharing that journey with you, both our own and that of other creative artists. It’s one small way to help add something good to the world, and we believe it helps.

Together, we’re book lovers, writers, artists, talkers, listeners, explorers, wanderers and wonderers.  In all we do, we seek the unique, the piquant, the vital. Here at 2P, we know that personal creativity is not only about making a living, making a book, or making a painting. It’s also about making a life.

Reach us at twoponiespress@gmail.com