Thank You, Jack Straw


Earlier in March, the 2P crew (to wit, Phil & myself) trekked over the U District for a couple of workshops at the Jack Straw Cultural Center. One was a microphone ‘shop, and as you can see from the pics, we worked with many, many mics. We’re hoping to upgrade some of our current mics soon, and this was just what we needed.

The other was a sound editing workshop. We already use Audacity for our podcast production, but sound pro extraordinaire Tom Stiles has a lifetime’s worth of tips and tricks up his sleeve. We came away with all sorts of new things to try.

We found out that a couple of our workshop-mates are current writers-in-residence, Jalayna Carter and Kamari Bright; the best part of the evening (for me, anyway) was hearing about all the various projects everyone has underway.

This place rocks.


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