Original Lines Episode 1- Of Art, Food, and Mushroom Logs: Artist Isobel Davis

Original Lines
Original Lines
Original Lines Episode 1- Of Art, Food, and Mushroom Logs: Artist Isobel Davis

Welcome to Original Lines! In our first-ever podcast, we chat with visual artist Isobel Davis about her life in the arts. Isobel and host Laura Allen talk about everything from cooking to conceptual art, and offer a peek into the mind of an active, diverse artmaker working in Seattle, Washington.



From Isobel’s biography:
“Isobel received her B.A. in Fine Art at Principia College in Elsah, Illinois while also taking terms at Rhode Island School of Design and the San Francisco Art Institute. In NYC she continued her art education at the School of Visual Art, and Hunter College. ..Isobel’s


interactive installations feature tactile objects made from encaustic wax and fiber that include text and photo imagery. Her installation projects demonstrate her strong interest in social ecology, connecting viewer’s lives to sustainability issues through engagement. ”

For more information, visit Isobel Davis at www.isobeldavisart.com  or follow her on Istagram @oysterpearlsal

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  1. The project I mentioned in the interview is here!
    Walk the oyster Labyrinth and contemplate your inner pearl. An installation of cyanotypes, resin sculptures and video projection built around an oyster shell labyrinth, created by Isobel Davis.

    Friday September 15th, 16th. 5:00-8:00 pm
    Inscape Gallery
    815 Seattle Blvd S., Seattle, 98134

    In the International District, Just south of Dearborn between 5th and 6th Ave S.

    Honoring the rich resources worth preserving in our oceans.

    #oceanimmersion #yourinnerpearl #bethepearl #oysterbedwalk. #oystershelllabyrinth #protectouroceans
    #pearlessence #contemplateyourinnerpearl #motherofpearl

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