Original Lines Episode 2- The Pleasure of Painting: Artist Robin Siegl

Welcome back! In this episode, we talk with Seattle painter Robin Siegl about oil painting, solitude, and the scope of a creative life. Just back from a month-long residency at Wilapa Bay, Washington, Robin also offers a glimpse into the joys of artists’ residencies.

For more about Robin Siegl, visit her website here  or the Seattle Art Museum Sales Gallery here.

From Robin’s artist statement:

“For a decade, I have observed the working waterfront from a small rowboat. I see a series of paintings in the hard-edged bulk of the ships and barges that confront me. The weighty, worn load of massive hulls appears to penetrate deeply into the wiggly water where heavily marked surfaces and strong forms are reflected. Over a long period of time only the water survives; what is man-made disappears.

My current interest is in expressing the power of the shapes, marks and colors observed from close to the waters’ surface along the industrial waterfront. The resulting paintings attempt to find beauty in a subject not often regarded as beautiful. Emphasizing inevitable stages of decay, the drawings and oil paintings I make in the studio are inspired by those powerful images.”

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