Original Lines Episode 4- Means of Expression: Artist Brian Lane

In this episode, we talk with printmaker and photographer Brian Lane about printmaking, art as a way to explore emotion, and getting pep talks from kids.

Brian Lane is a native of Auburn, Washington. He is an artist working primarily in printmaking and photography, and he co-founded and still leads Print Zero Studios in Seattle; he’s also the president of the Seattle Print Arts Association and a curator for everything ranging from international print shows to local art venues.  We talk with Brian about everything from scanner portraits and deadlines to creativity as a way to process feelings.

You can find out more about Brian on the Print Zero Studios website here.

At around 26:35, Brian talks about using scanner processes in printmaking. This is the print we discuss, titled “Dissonance.”

At several points in the podcast, Brian and I talk about his Kids & Community Printmaking project. He brought a handful of prints and drawings from the project; you can find out more about the project here on his website.

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