Original Lines Episode 5- Always A Work in Progress: FX Artist Seth Wolfson


Happy Halloween! In this episode, we talk with FX artist Seth Wolfson about puzzle rooms, special effects with friends, and the pitfalls learning a craft in the age of YouTube.

Seth Wolfson is a special effects artist who currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington. Seth has worked in the television and film industry doing special effects, makeup, and props; he’s also a forensic sculptor, animatronics engineer, instructor, and much more. His latest creative endeavor is designing puzzle/escape rooms; his Hourglass Escapes is one of the most highly-rated escape rooms in Seattle.

[Note: at 10:05 Seth mentions Stuart Gordon (the director) when he meant to mention Neill Gorton (the fx artist.)]

Find out more about Seth here on his website.

Find out more about Hourglass Escapes here.

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