Original Lines 7- What the Hands Remember: Fisher Poet Patrick Dixon

Original Lines
Original Lines 7- What the Hands Remember: Fisher Poet Patrick Dixon

This month, our guest is writer, photographer, and poet Patrick Dixon. Patrick is perhaps best known as one of the PNW’s fisher poets, a community of poets who work in or around commercial fishing industry; he’s been regular performer at the Fisher Poets’ Gathering in Astoria, Oregon, since 1999. In this episode, we talk with Pat about everything from the vitality of working poetry to finding ones’ place in an artistic community.


Pat Dixon’s publications include several chapbooks (one the award-winning “Arc of Visibility”) and many individual poems, articles, and essays. His book of poetry, photography, and stories about commercial fishing “Swimming With Fishes and Other Animals” can be found here

For more about Patrick Dixon’s writing, visit his website here.


For more about Pat’s photography, visit his photography site here. 

And here’s a link to Pat’s website In the Tote, a site dedicated to capturing the stories and work of the poets who make up Fisher Poets Gathering.  This site is chock-full of live readings, including at least one by Pat himself. 

Show notes: Pat also reads two of his poems for us during the episode. Find “Mending Holes” at 15:35 and “Praise for Alaska” at 32:00. (“Praise for Alaska” is accompanied by “Northern Cliffs” by Sirius Music.)



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